Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We've had wonderful 2017.  The year year started off with the family living in a 2-bedroom hotel room due to our ceiling collapse of October 2016.  Insurance covered the cost of our nearly 100 days in the hotel and the free morning breakfasts and light dinners was nice, but it was tough living in such a small space.

What took so long?

Our home was built in 1976 and the popcorn ceiling tested positive for asbestos.  Our insurance company, USAA, agreed to have all the asbestos removed, not just the asbestos ceiling that collapsed.  Asbestos removal is a long process.

We also followed the asbestos removal by removing numerous walls to create a more open floor plan and a kitchen remodel.

For most of the year, we've been mostly settled in.  A lot of random things displaced by the remodel haven't found a home yet and we're working to get all our stuff sorted out.

Just tell us about the kids

Lillie started 7th grade.  She enjoys athletics, writing, and biology.  Her current career goal is to be a medical doctor, preferably a dermatologist.  She also loves the Avengers movies and is especially fond of Ant Man.

Kyle is now in 11-year old scouts.  Dad was able to accompany him on two of his first camp outs.  He also joined a robotics team (they use the Lego branded Mindstorms robots that the team programs to complete certain tasks.  The team won their first competition and can attend the state-wide competition early 2018.

Peter has been remarkably healthy this year and enjoys playing with toys that make noise and flash lights in response to pushing buttons, pulling levers, turning cranks and such.  He has great home health aids who love him and help us handle the workload of an eight year old unable to care for any of his own needs.  He's learning some simple problem-solving skills with the help of therapists.  It's fun to see him try alternate ways of doing things and sometimes succeed.

Lauren is four and began preschool this year.  She enjoys bringing home projects to show off and talk about her teachers and nice bus driver.